About Us

Going to college in frigid Northeastern Pennsylvania, Scranton to be exact (yes, like The Office), we were faced with a daily challenge come winter. How do you walk to class with out getting a minor form of frost bite? In the whipping winds and low temperatures of the Lackawanna Valley, with a smidgen of a hangover, this was a hard solve.
Obviously there were endless options of winter garb but everyone seemed to wear the same thing. It was like a uniform! An overpriced fleece pullover that could only be worn with 15 layers underneath. BOO!
What was a broke college kid to do? Well, after a few adult beverages on a long night that turned out to be an early morning, we came up with something that solved the problem, Fleecesters Original Pullover fleece sweater. A fleece that is comfortable, can be adorned in the frigid PA winter and doesn't burn a hole in your bank account!
Fleecesters was born! An outerwear brand focused on one thing, building the world's most comfortable fleece sweater. So we took on the gigantic task of learning and understanding the complex world of retail clothing, all while enjoying the mundane experience of college. 
A few months later, in February 2017, our senior year in college, during a massive snow storm that caused an ever elusive snowday, Fleecesters launched on Kickstarter! Four hours later we had met our goal. After a few kegs to celebrate and a month of time we hit the ground running to get this product to market. And in October of 2017 we brought Fleecesters to the world!
Since then, we've built on our already stellar product. Bringing you the new and improved Fleecesters Pullover Fleece Sweater! The fun doesn't stop there; we're always in research & development mode so stay tuned for more to come.